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  • Title:BLUE TURKEY-TaniniTrio
  • Post Date:2017-05-09


Turkey has more than a thousand years of history. Let’s discover this fantastic country with melodies and rhythms.With YıldızİBRAHIMOVA’s four-octave vocal range, traditional Turkish instruments including the string instrument kanunand one of the main wind instruments of Middle East, the end-blown flute-ney, the artists will bring the exclusive traditional works from their motherland.

2017 / 5 / 19 (Friday) 19:30
*卡龍(Kanun)│塔希‧艾朵杜Tahir AYDOĞDU
*奈依(Ney) │比爾金‧賈納茲BilginCANAZ
*鋼琴(Piano) │哈康‧托克爾HakanA. TOKER

GuangfuAuditorium, Taipei ZhongshanHall臺北市中山堂光復廳
(No.98 YenpingS. Rd., Taipei 臺北市延平南路98號)
Price票價: NT$ 400
*購票快速入口Tickets available at:http://goo.gl/KTA4FB
*更多詳情For more details: www.tco.gov.taipei


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