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  • Title:木星光電股份有限公司徵儲備國外業務人員
  • Post Date:2014-04-22


上班時間:本職務為儲備之全職國外業務,可畢業後上班(2014 年 6 月~7 月) 
■工作地點:木星光電總部(新竹縣竹北市復興二路 229 號,新竹高鐵旁)。 
■工作內容: 初期配合公司安排以熟悉國外業務相關工作,正式國外業務主要工作內容: 
1. Promote and sell products for the potential overseas markets. 
2. Gather market and customer information. Accurate planning and forecasting of sales 
3. Aggressively deploy and evaluate potential customer initiative.Come out proposal according 
to potential / existing customer requirements & RFQ. 
4. Responsible to the customer offer and confirm the order details, and orders follow-up 
arrangements, communication and coordination. 
5. Develop relationships with customers via meetings, telephone calls and emails. 
6. Customer audits, Mill, visiting arrangements and translation. 
7. Arrange for special assignment such as convention, exhibition etc. 
8.Carry out duties and works assigned by directors 
 1. 2014 年 6 月應屆大學畢業生,對國外業務相關工作有積極投入意願者。 
 1.即日起至 2014 年 6 月 30 日受理報名,額滿為止。 
■備 註: 
 1.若有任何問題,歡迎隨時來信至 aaron@mustar.com 
 2.歡迎向其他同學推薦本職缺,本公司其他工作職缺歡迎上 104 人力銀行查詢 

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